Securing the Museum’s Global Impact, Today and Tomorrow

In order to achieve the bold vision of keeping Holocaust memory alive as a relevant, transformative force for the 21st century—inspiring people worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity—we are asking you to consider both an annual or current use gift to meet the challenges of today and a deferred gift to the unrestricted endowment to secure our global impact tomorrow. Only through both types of support—for the present and future—can we ensure the permanence of Holocaust memory and understanding in a constantly changing world.

Annual Giving
One of the goals of the campaign is to raise $300 million in annual gifts over the entired campaign period. Whether it is a membership gift, a gift to the Museum's annual fund, or the payment of a multiyear pledge, annual gifts provide the critical resources to secure our impact today—an unprecedented turning point—to reimagine Holocaust education for a complex, changing world. With a focus on rescuing the evidence, groundbreaking research, global educational outreach and advancing efforts to prevent genocide, the campaign will shape how younger generations and leaders understand this history and their role in society. While the primary focus is on increasing unrestricted support, the campaign provides outstanding opportunities for restricted and named major gifts as well. Every donation of any size matters. 

Endowment Gifts Through Planned Giving
Because the lessons of the Holocaust must be permanently transmitted from generation to generation, a priority goal of the campaign is to raise $200 million in new commitments for the Museum’s endowment. Because we are also asking our donors to consider a special annual gift, we are encouraging our supporters to further consider helping us secure the future with a deferred or other planned gift for the benefit of the endowment. One of the easiest ways you can make safeguarding truth your enduring legacy is by establishing a simple bequest in your will directed to the endowment—a gift that need not cost you anything today. An unrestricted gift to the Museum’s endowment is the most powerful way you can help meet the challenges of a changing world—and uncertain future. Professionally managed and invested, your legacy gift will provide a crucial funding stream each year, providing the financial stability and flexibility for future Museum leaders to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities. While the primary focus is on building the unrestricted endowment, the campaign provides a limited number of select naming opportunities. Again, every gift of any size matters.

Planned giving also offers unique opportunities to leave more to your heirs, satisfy philanthropic goals, and retain or increase lifetime income from donated assets. It can also provide the ability for you to reduce or eliminate estate or capital gains taxes, reduce income taxes, and save taxes on the sale of a family business. In addition, planned giving can offer creative opportunities for donations—such as by utilizing real estate, tangible personal property and closely-held stock. Or, as mentioned above, it can be as easy as including a simple bequest in your will, or a beneficiary designation of a portion of your retirement plan assets or life insurance policy, for the Museum's benefit.

Capital Gifts
With our collection of Holocaust evidence expected to double in the coming decade, a priority goal of the campaign is to secure $40 million in multiyear and outright gifts to build a new state-of-the-art Collections and Conservation Center to house the definitive Holocaust collection of record. The campaign provides naming opportunities for donors supporting what is the most important building project since the Museum was built.

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